McDonald's Fun Club®

Join McDonald’s Fun Club® to enjoy variety of privilege and fun.

2021 McDonald’s McFun’s club member recruitment starts from 13 November at 10am. All quotas are limited on a first-come-first-served basis.

2021 Membership Recruitment (The quotas are full)

(Membership fee $50)

Coupon will be sent through McDonald’s app in particular period

Enjoy the following promotions and gifts after registration.

Member's Privileges

welcome-gift welcome-gift
Welcome Gift

Squly & Friends Multi-purpose stationery storage box
welcome-meal welcome-meal
Welcome Meal (Will be sent after 3 working days upon registration)

Chicken McNuggets® + Apple Pie + Twist Cone + FUZE TEA® Honey Pear Tea (Small)

birthday-offer birthday-offer
Birthday Offer (Will be sent in 2021 member’s birthday month)

Egg & Cheese Burger + Twist Cone + FUZE TEA® Honey Pear Tea (Small)

children-day-offer children-day-offer
Children’s Day Benefit (Will be sent in April 2021)

Honey BBQ Crispy Thigh(1pc) + Soft Drink (Small)

hot-chocolate hot-chocolate
Membership Renewal Offer (For 2020 Members only - Will be sent after 3 working days upon registration)

Hot Chocolate

Each electronic membership can pay and register up to 4 additional physical membership*

*Physical membership will receive a welcome gift, membership card and membership discount booklet after paying additional membership fee

Membership Card
booklet booklet
Membership Discount Booklet

Availability of gift items

Availability of gift items will vary in different periods while stock lasts.

mcfunclubs-gift mcfunclubs-gift
WALCH Multi Purpose Complete Cleaner (500ml)
mytvsuper mytvsuper
HKBN myTV SUPER App (Alpha Pack) coupon for 6 months FREE viewing

And 1

Availability of products may vary at different restaurants

motherclubs-gift- catalo-children-eye-health-formula motherclubs-gift- catalo-children-eye-health-formula
CATALO Children's Eye Health Formula 3ct (Trial Pack)
or or
mcfunclubs-gift-catalo-childrens-dha mcfunclubs-gift-catalo-childrens-dha
CATALO Children's DHA Formula 4s (Trial Pack)

Any 1

Availability of products may vary at different restaurants

mcfunclubs-gift-hipp-cereal mcfunclubs-gift-hipp-cereal
HiPP Organic Multi cereal (200g)
or or
mcfunclubs-gift-hipp-milk-fruit mcfunclubs-gift-hipp-milk-fruit
HiPP Organic Milk Pap - Fine Fruits (250g)

mcfunclubs-gift-hipp-rice mcfunclubs-gift-hipp-rice
HiPP Organic Baby rice (20g)
or or
mcfunclubs-gift-milo-3-in-1 mcfunclubs-gift-milo-3-in-1
NESTLÉ® MILO® Malt Drink 3in1 (27g)

Digital Membership’s Monthly membership privileges will be sent through McDonald’s App after 7 – 10 working days upon registration

McDonald’s® Fun’s Club® digital members and physical members with valid membership card can enjoy below offers at designated McDonald’s® Restaurants:

With any purchase of Extra Value Breakfast or Happy Meal® (not including Morning Value Picks) before 11a.m. or with any purchase over HK$28 (not including gift certificates and plastic shopping bag charge (if applicable)) after 11a.m. to enjoy Monthly Member’s Reccomendation.

Present valid digital membership or membership card of McDonald’s® Fun’s Club® at designated McDonald’s® restaurants for McDonald’s® Party service to enjoy 5 Sundaes (new flavor not included) for free.

About McDonald’s® Fun’s Club® partnership offers. Please log into member area for more details.